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Production Update July 2021
Posted by Sophie G on 07 July 2021 11:50 AM

June was another busy month for us in Production with lots of customers using their time in lockdown to create and order photobooks and gifts.

We love seeing all of your holiday, birthday and wedding photobooks coming through and hope you enjoy them as much as we love making them!

We’ve had a great response to our newest product, PicTiles. Your photos are printed in HD onto archival photo paper, then snapped into a lightweight black or white frame. You can stick them on your wall and reposition them at any time! It’s been great seeing all the photo combinations our clever customers come up with. Make sure you send through photos to us once you stick them on your wall so we can see your collages!

In June we saw an increase in orders for our engraved cutting boards and fridge magnets. These are great gifts for friends and family members and perfect items to display in your kitchen.

Next week the production team will be heading out to compete with each other in a game of laser tag. Stay tuned for the winner!

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Customer Support Update July 2021
Posted by Sophie G on 07 July 2021 11:49 AM

Our Customer Support Team have been busy this month assisting our lovely customers who are keeping occupied by ordering products in lockdown.

We ran our annual End of Financial Year Sale which was a huge success, and lots of customers snapped up a bargain. Now is the perfect time to start thinking about Christmas presents, this year is flying by!

We’ve seen an increase in customers ordering their projects through the online designer which is great. Our online designer is great for those quick and easy projects like canvases and photo gifts.  

The team continue to work from home and are loving being able to answer all of your queries while their pets sit on their laps!

As always, if there is anything you think we could be doing better or you just want to have a chat with us, click on the green icon in the bottom right corner of the website to start and online chat with us.

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Graphics Design Update July 2021
Posted by Sophie G on 07 July 2021 11:47 AM

This past month we have been working on a few new secret projects which will change the way you create your photobooks!

We are working on something special which will make creating and ordering your photobooks much easier. This feature will become your new best friend and will be life changing for those of you who are short on time and creativity. We are so excited to launch this in the coming weeks and can’t wait to tell you more about it!

As always, if you have any feedback on templates you would like to see or improvements to the website, please send it through to , we love hearing your thoughts and ideas.

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Graphics Design Update June 2021
Posted by Sophie G on 01 June 2021 02:23 PM

This past month we have been working on creating some new jigsaw puzzle templates.

Our jigsaw puzzles are a great gift idea for your family, children or that special person in your life and ideal for all those special occasions like Birthdays, Christmas, Christenings, Anniversaries, Wedding presents, Valentines, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just to say thank you. 

We have recently added designs to our family category and will continue do so, making it simple and easy for you to select your template, add your personal photo and order!

If something is not quite right or you have any suggestions please let us know. We love to hear your feedback to improve our website and templates. Email us at .

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Customer Support Update June 2021
Posted by Sophie G on 01 June 2021 09:12 AM

It’s been another busy month for us in Customer Support with lots of lovely customers to assist.

Last month we launched a brand new subscription program for keeping your ordered files and online projects indefinitely.

We keep ordered files for 12 months and unordered online projects for 3 months after which we need to delete them to make room for more projects and orders.

To keep your files indefinitely, you can sign up to our new program for a low yearly fee of $29. This service not only ensures we keep your files from deletion, we also back up your files to a secure cloud server.

This gives you peace of mind that there is a copy of your special projects saved which you can reorder at any time, even years down the track. You won’t need to worry about your computer crashing or losing your photos, we will have a copy saved!

You can easily sign yourself up by logging into your account, clicking on ‘My Orders’, then clicking ‘Subscribe to keep ordered files’.

We will then send you a reminder before your subscription expires so you can renew it.

We are always looking to improve your experience with us so if there is anything you think we could be doing better, please let us know by emailing .

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Production Update June 2021
Posted by Sophie G on 01 June 2021 09:10 AM

Another month has come and gone and we’re now almost halfway through the year!

We have just launched a brand new product, our Framed Photo Tiles which are proudly designed and made in Australia! These new Framed Photo Tiles are printed in HD onto archival photo paper then snapped into a lightweight frame. These tiles come in black and white frames and can be stuck on your wall in any combination. They can be repositioned at any time, simply peel off the wall with no damage and re-stick as many times as you like!

Last month we saw an increase in orders for photobooks. It’s great to see so many customers ordering holiday, wedding and birthday party books again after these events were restricted for most of last year. Keep sending them through!

Our warehouse is located in Victoria so we have found ourselves in yet another lockdown. Fortunately for us, we are allowed to keep operating and our Covid safe plan is still in action. Our staff are all wearing masks and keeping up with strict hygiene and cleaning standards. Rest assured that your orders will still be sent out to you as quickly as possible.

Here’s to another busy and productive month!

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